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In our area today, houses are typically on the market 3 months or longer.  Some houses can, and do, sit a year without being sold.  Some houses never sell.  For a home owner who needs to sell fast, a better solution is needed.

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By Purchasing properties fast, and at a reasonable investor discount, we can help homeowners save time, money and a lot of trouble.  Just some of the ways we help a homeowner save time and money:

  • Agent Commission.¬† This can be as much as 6% of the total sales price.
  • Repair Costs.¬† We buy houses in as-is condition.¬† No cleaning, no painting, no new appliances, no new roof….
  • Negotiate A Price.¬† The normal back and forth of a real estate negotiation can take weeks.¬† We can make a fast, fair offer and close quickly.
  • Constantly Showing the House.¬† No need to clean the house for multiple showings a week.¬†
  • Aggravation. We can make the stress go away.¬† We typically can make an offer in 24 hours.

Real Estate Investors create situations where everyone wins.  We are a perfection option for many of the houses in our community.  We are in a large area, and we need help finding those people.


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